Last blog rpod north

All going well,Tom and I are signing off for our voyage north and west. It was an amazing trip in so many ways. From the thought of Tom’s of travelling west to the purchase of the rpod to actually leaving was in it self a journey. 105 days in our first home together and 17636 kilometers of which Tom drove and maneuvered all those klm. Backing up is not totally comfortable for him but just to show his skill he parallel parked the trailer at the dealership. Yah Hoo. As much as the scenery was breathe taking all the time (not just from beauty) my favorite was visiting our friends and relatives.The reconnect of friends and family was very special for me. We met new friends as well everyone adding  to our experience. Of course Gussy Gladys made a hit wherever she went.misses her sister in Whitehorse. She is presently in my living room and wondering why the room doesn’t move. She was a great mascot!   We made it back for my nieces wedding, Jamie and Doug were married September 17th beautiful wedding and this event brought our family together again. Just like Tom’s sister’s 50th wedding anniversary in July in Vancouver did for their family. I can hardly believe I did this blog (thanks Micheline I think) thanks to all who followed my grammer or lack there of.thanks Joanne for encouragement when I lost my sense of humour. Next year the plan is eastern Canada. Love and hugs to all. 20170917_13163420170916_175835.jpg20170916_181615.jpg20170913_145239.jpg20170921_090510.jpg


2nd to last blog

We have been home almost a week so trying to finish off the trip.So our last stop after visiting parry sound we stopped at my long time Cambridge Bay friend Dawn in Beaverton. Weather very hot but even the high temperature didn’t get me into Lake Simcoe. Dawn very gracious and had a room already but we chose to stay in the Rpod for our last night. 20170913_094043


After leaving Viv and Eddie  (no more walleye fish for breakfast venison that melted in your mouth or Vivs ribs).got through the border no issues. Made it to Whitefish on. Stayed this pretty municipal park. We are now using the furnace. Then off to Sudbury and Science  North 20170910_131208.jpg20170910_130822.jpg20170910_111609.jpg#20170910_103349.jpgsaw the snakes beavers.spent hours wondering around the 5 or 6 floors of all different types of disciplines. Scientific, mining, evolution, butterflies. Etc  .really enjoyed. Then to see the big Nickle 20170909_171735.jpg

100 days

Today Sept 8th we are celebrating our 100 days under the same roof. Decided to stay in Gaylord with Viv and Eddie and crack open a bottle of bubbly. Pellegrino. and Viv made brownies. So now leaving tomorrow and try and get close to Sudbury.

VIV and Eddie have toured us around local Michigan. Went to a beautiful park Cross in the Woods at Indian River. Then off to a beautiful fish hatchery called Oden. You could feed the fish for 25 cents and of course the ducks wanted their fill. A neat viewing area of the stream and fish .the fall colours are so beautiful between thunder bay and Gaylord beautiful burgundy. 20170907_12560720170907_125732.jpg20170907_123923.jpg20170907_11381120170907_113309.jpgTrue to our love of chocolate and ice cream they took us to Kilwins chocolate factory in Petoskey. Very good ice cream and turtles. The picture with Tom and I in a boat was from our first visit fishing in Burnt Lake. 20170603_123056.jpg